Our products are the fruit of our dedication to our mission statement “Delivering to our customers top quality products at the best price.” To achieve this we not only depend on our staff but also on all those individuals and entities that help us in our goals. First and foremost are our suppliers of fresh vegetables, both local and foreign as well as all the local and foreign suppliers who co-operate with us in respect of machinery, technical and engineering support, packaging and refrigeration, to mention just a few. We owe our success also to them.


Our greatest satisfaction is a happy customer. More so when we manage to satisfy requests for processed vegetables that are new and innovative. We leave no stone unturned to keep ourselves abreast with the most innovative ways of presenting and cutting our products while keeping up to our proven quality standards.


We guarantee delivery on time, any time. Our factory is ideally situated to be able to reach the four corners of the island. All our deliveries are vacuum packed and reach our clients in refrigerated vans to ensure quality and food safety. Whatever our customers ask for, we have the right machinery to give vegetables the right cut. If we do not have it we get it!


On these pages are a selection of vegetables processed and cut to satisfy our clients’ requests. The range of our products shown is in no way exhaustive. Our advice is: “What you do not see, ask for!”

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